About Us

Why Oktpus?

The Oktpus team believes car searching should be simple, comprehensive, and transparent. To achieve this, we built innovative technology that allows car shoppers to search the entire web for cars. This has yielded the most comprehensive car search engine to date: Oktpus. Oktpus provides a simple search experience and displays transparent results to help car shoppers find the best deals.

What is Oktpus?

Oktpus is a web search engine designed to search for automotive classifieds on the World Wide Web. Oktpus is a specialized search engine, in that it extends basic search engine behavior by identifying, extracting, and indexing vehicle detail pages in a more intentional way.

Oktpus displays relevant vehicle classifieds in its search engine results. There are many automotive classified/listing sites today. Oktpus is different from these sites in that it's the first true web search engine for vehicle classifieds. Our search engine aims to solve many of the problems associated with traditional automotive classified listing sites of today.

Oktpus was launched in Montreal City in April 2016. Oktpus is expanding across the rest of Canada and United-States and will cover all major cities coast to coast.

Oktpus vs. Traditional:

Since the 1990's, hundreds of car search sites have emerged. We label these websites as traditional automotive classified sites and for the sake of brevity, we'll call them "Traditional." So what makes Oktpus different from Traditional?

Oktpus does not capture and sell car shopper personal information.

Oktpus is not in the business of capturing and reselling car shopper private information. Oktpus simply presents a deep link directly to where it found the vehicle's detail page (VDP). This process enables the car shopper to go directly to the source of vehicle classified information. So, unlike other classified sites, Oktpus does not monetize itself by hijacking the buying process.